Central Bohemian International Singing Workshop 2017

for music students at high schools and universities


Demand from music school students in the Czech Republic and abroad has led then on-profit Association for Musical Education to organize for the fourth time its summer singing workshop. With strong support from the village of Petrovice, the singing workshop is planned for 12th - 22th July 2017, centredon the village, close to Sedlčany in the beautiful region of Příbram. The students will be provided with accommodation in Petrovice itself. The Association for Musical Education offers students individual training sessions and master classes with experienced music professors not only from the Czech Republic but also further afield, including such luminaries as Univ. Prof. Ingrid Kremling and PaedDr. Christina Kluge from Germany, MgA.Emília Sadloňová, PhD. from Slovakia, Prof. Dr. hab.Piotr Lykowski from Poland and Mgr. Jaroslav Mrázek from the Czech Republic. Piano accompaniment will beprovided by Prof. Jaroslav Šaroun, MgA. Adolf Melichar, MgA. Petra Klimešová and others. Aria and ensemblestage performances will be directed by Libor Cukr stage manager from the State Opera, Prague.

The highlight of the CentralBohemian International Singing Workshop is the conclusion of the workshops in several classical concerts performed by the students themselves in various central Bohemian cities and villages, including Příbram, Benešov, Písek, Tábor, Milevsko , Sedlčany, and, of course, Petrovice.

The Central Bohemian International Singing Workshop continues the tradition and experience built up over many years of organizing similar projects in, for example, Poland's Karpacz, and the master classes at Berlin’s H. EislerUniversity of Music, the 'Ost-Europäische Lied' (East-European Song), to which our agency actively contributed. To further build on such fine traditions, we decided to organize a similar project in central Bohemia and in 2017 anticipate the participation of students from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and even China.

The aim of the CentralBohemian International Singing Workshop 2017 is to extend the knowledge and technical abilities of opera singing studentsand to familiarize them with arepertoire suitable for their future development. However, the most important part of the workshop is the audience-performer experience. Giving the student the opportunity to perform for and connect with different audiences is undeniably one of the project’s greatestbenefits.

Nevertheless, the workshop participants are not the only ones to benefit from the project. The singing workshop brings cultural diversity to central Bohemia, introducing aspiring young artists to various styles and repertoire, showing the region the many faces of opera which otherwise the locals might not experience.The approximate price is 7 000 CZK per student, depending upon the teacher and accommodation requested, with students bearing their own transport costs.

  • Schedule for the Central Bohemian International Singing Workshop 2017:
  • 11th July 2017Registration of students and instructors at Petrovice.
  • 12th - 22th July 2017Individual lessons for students in Petrovice Castle
  • 15th - 22th July 2017Individual lessons for students in Petrovice Castle + classical concerts in the theatres and sacred spaces of Příbram, Benešov, Písek and Tábor.
  • 23th July 2017End of the Central Bohemian International Singing Workshop 2017, departure of students and instructors.